Movies Every Actor Should See, Martin Scorsese & the Criterion Collection

Great Movies

I was searching around the internet a few weeks ago and I came across a couple of great lists; One is titled “Movies Every Actor Should See” the other is “Martin Scorsese’s Film School: The 85 films you need to see to know anything about film“. So I printed them out thinking, this could be a great project, fun as well as educational! I could see some great films, while doing some work on my acting at the same time. I can’t remember where I found them, but I will link if I come across them again. Between the two lists there are more than three hundred films… So it will be an ongoing project.

On top of this, several years ago I started amassing the Criterion Collection, this is a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films that have been packaged with loads of special features. So I was thinking, since I own so many of these films, it would be a great companion journey into film! I may take a circuitous route, but I plan to work my way through the whole list… Finally start my crusade to conquer the Criterion Collection.

Here we go!Movies Collage

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