Alias – The Re-Watching

AliasOver the last few months we have been re-watching JJ Abrams 2000s TV show Alias. I had only ever watched it once, and that was soon after it had been on TV. Re-watching it has renewed my love for Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber. I feel like I will need to re-watch 13 Going On 30 some time soon!

Sydney BristowI really do love me some Sydney Bristow. This show makes me nostalgic for old spy thriller movies and TV shows. I want Cold War era espionage that is fun and suspenseful, but also a bit of camp. I love homeland and the like, but terrorism on a very dramatic and political scale can be tough entertainment at times, and for the most part, even though Alias is dramatic, it is fun.

Waiting 10 years to re-watch this show actually made it almost like first time watching for me. I would remember things just as they were about to happen; it was like catching up with an old friend. You relive the good times. I know that the Milo Rambaldi plot grew tiresome for people when it had originally aired, but I really was intrigued by it… maybe even more this second time around. This sub-plot created a whole history, a mythology really. It is very complex and compelling to me.

I wonder if there are other shows that I should revisit again? I know there is so much good TV on now, but it can be fun to go back and see things at different points in your life. Experience, just living can change your perspective. You find that you relate to different characters¬†from the ones you identified with in the past. I think I might consider watching the British series Prime Suspect again. I have seen the first few seasons a couple of times, but I have not watched it from start to finish… It could be a project. (Like I need more projects!)

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